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When one has a big dick but doesn't know how to use it.
ME: That poor Kyle never gets any

BONI: Yea, he has a huge dick too...

ME: He must have a case of the Nail Syndrome
by Jizmo Beach June 15, 2010
An extension of the penis showing game as seen in the movie "Waiting" It is where one does a handstand while being completely naked outside of a door or around a corner in anticipation that someone will walk out and see them. The consequence for looking at their junk is 10 kicks, while calling them a homosexual for staring at your nuts.
Biz: "I'm going to get Nellis with the Spiderman"

Larry: "Do it, he's about to come out of the bathroom."

Nellis: "Ahhh, dude that's foul!"

Biz: "Why are you staring at my nuts fag?!?"
by Jizmo Beach June 18, 2010
When your girl friend's brother is a noob and talks big game but cannot back it up.

This is also a term used for a person that tries to make you flinch and hits you for it anyways even if you didn't flinch...
T-Spence: I can take you, you're weak...

Biz: Whatever, you're a Slum Dog.
by Jizmo Beach June 15, 2010

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