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3 definitions by Jive Dadson

British slang

v. to harass verbally, particularly with demands
n. one who snooters
"Those who know Bertram best are aware that in his journey through life he is impeded and generally snootered by about as scaly a platoon of aunts as ever was assembled ..."

P.G. Wodehouse
by Jive Dadson July 31, 2011
(noun, USA) An unsociable poker opponent
Hey, you splashed the pot and shorted it. You're a beauty.
by Jive Dadson May 11, 2007
(noun. poker, USA) an unpleasant poker opponent (sometimes used to bust balls)
You're a beauty. First you try running an angle on a new player, then you splash the pot and short it.
by Jive Dadson May 11, 2007