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3 definitions by Jismoitekk the Enforcer

1) Attractive female that is readily available as a seminal receptacle.
2) One that does not mind swallowing man juice.
3) Promiscuous woman.
4) Derogatory term for a woman.

See also: Cum bag, Cum bucket,
1) Paris Hilton's middle name is Jizzabelle.
2) I know this chick, Ann, she's quie the Jizzabelle.
3) What? Mike's girlfriend had sex with another 2 men in the bathroom stall of the Berlin Olympic Stadium again? That Jizzabelle...
4) Are you drunk yet? I wanna go out and find me some Jizzabelle for the night!
by Jismoitekk the Enforcer August 11, 2006
1) Unclean vagina, noticable due to the sandy residue on index and middle finger or the whole fist respectively.
2) Old virgin/female that has not been penetrated lately
3) In a pinch, it can be used for a male that hasn't gotten any lately either. Especially insulting because it also attacks their manliness

Not to be confused with sand nigger
1) "Dude, do you remember who I went home last night? I woke up with my fingers all sticky and residual!" - "Oh, you poor fucker, check for STDs, you laid that dirty ol' sandcunt from the bar"

2) "Your sister is such a sandcunt, she deserves a pity fuck."

3) "Let's get Joe a drag hooker for his birthday, he's such a fucking sandcunt!!"
by Jismoitekk the Enforcer May 20, 2006
A cup (athletic) to protect a man's privates from unnecessary trauma.
-Holy Shit Mike, watch your low kicks. Thank god I was wearing my nut bunker.

-These nut bunkers don't protect shit, I had a bruise on my dick the other day.

-Dude, why are you wearing my sweaty nut bunker as a face mask?!?
by Jismoitekk the Enforcer August 13, 2006