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This takes 5 people. 1 must be a female and she must be in the middle and on her knees. 1 male is in front 1 in back. 1 on each side. The girls gives oral to the 1 in front, hand-jobs to the 2 on the sides, and butt-fucked from behind.
"That was hell of a raging pterodactyl last night."
"I definitely saw 4 dudes balls last night during the raging pterodactyl."
"My jirta was raw in the morning after out raging pterodactyl."
"That whore has some real skill pulling off the raging pterodactyl last night."
by Jirta September 15, 2009
While sleeping, you involuntarily force your hand down your pants and start beating your meat.
I tore my jirta during my napjack.

I had a great napjack last night.

While I was dreaming about Jessica Alba, I had a napjack.

My mom walked in on my napjack last night and called my pastor to pray for me.

"How was your night last night? Did you get laid?"
"No, but I had a very nice napjack."
by Jirta September 25, 2009

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