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2 definitions by Jiri Pehe

A beautiful city in Central Europe. Home to 1.2 million Czechs and countless ex-patriates; cheap beer, second only to the Belgians and arguably neck-and-neck with the Germans; a beautiful Old Town Square, framed by an Astronomical Clock and the Tyn Church, unfortunately clogged with tourists in the summer; and a number of production teams who help American film producers too poor to shoot in the United States. A charming metropolis soon to be overrun by a double-bladed sword of post-communist economic growth and tourism.
The only two Czech words you have to know are "Praha," or Prague, and "pivo," or beer.
by Jiri Pehe May 23, 2005
Capital of Germany. Named after the wall that used to run through it.
Berlin is in Deutschland: home of the Berlin Steamer, but curiously, not the Dutch Oven.
by Jiri Pehe May 23, 2005