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1. A poorly made decision
2. To decide stupidly.
3. Insult to newbies.
"Wow, what a rookie decision that was"
"Rooooookie Decision"
by Jipes Masta March 04, 2006
1. A term refering to a person who makes others highly uncomfortable.
2. A discription of a academic subject head who does not teach the source material and is often an pathilogical liar.
3. The initals of an indivdual with a first name starting with "W" and last name starting with an "K".
"Oh man, this WK Person is being such a creep."
"Man, WK Person isn't teaching anything and just talks about stupid stories"
"Hey there WK Person"
"Don't be so WK like man"
"That WK tried to make a move on me"
by Jipes Masta February 06, 2006
The act of giving oral sex.
"he's running jipes"
by Jipes Masta January 25, 2006

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