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The grueling cotest involving two people weighing in, before taking shits in adjacent bathroom stalls. I cannot stress how important it is that the dumps be simultaneous. After both combatants have finished. They must examine each other's specimen and then procede to weigh again. The winner is the combatant who had the heaviest shit.

In some countries battle shitting will hold up in court, such as for custody of a child or divorce hearings.
This Sunday on Pay-Per-View, Chip Brown "Streaks" will square off against Brian "The Human Corn Cannery" Harrell in a battle shits contest for the World Title. 29.99.

The over/under for betting purposes is 5 ounces.
by Jip! January 22, 2007
A cock block so massive, that no-one in the general area has a chance to score, not even the culprit.

Note: You do not have to be Japanese to pull this off...but it helps.
Fuji ruined everyone's time last night with that Kamikaze Cock Block, what a Fagasaurus Rex.
by Jip! December 12, 2006
A white person who probably loves reggae, but for some reason speaks with a bad, fake Jamaican accent. Possibly sporting dreads as well.
Man did you see Todd? Why was he talking like that.

Oh, he is Jafakin.
by Jip! August 15, 2006
When you blow your load in a girls hair, then mix it all around, when it hardens, she has lovely cum locks
Man, did you see Sarah rockin' those cumlocks? She got it bad.
by Jip! June 22, 2006
The sometimes marshy area south of the vagina, and yet, somehow also south of the stankerous regions of the asshole.
I hear the weather in Cringland is awful shitty this time of year. Fuck Cringland.
by Jip! May 10, 2009
Like a frumpkin, only from a robot.

-see frumpkin
Data gave Captain Picard many mechafrumpkins during his tenure.
by Jip! March 31, 2006
The act of shaving ones pubes and placing them in someones mouth. The pubes act as a recepticle for a delicious poo that will be deposited quickfast.
I gave that bitch a bird nest from here to Nasty New Brunswick.
by Jip! March 31, 2006

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