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1.) A purdy color...
2.) The first Weezer CD (renamed by the fans on the Weezer bulletin board)...
3.) A *rather good* song by Coldplay...
4.) A confusing song by Eiffel 65 played at every dance since 1998...
The pre-teen girls cried their hearts out because the Dj at the dance had not responded to their cries over the past 5 minutes of "BLUE BLUE BLUE!"
by JinxJazz October 10, 2004
1.) The opposite of a warmonger...not necessarily a bad term...
2.) anyone other than George W. Bush
Dude...that guy has 14 Kerry buttons! And...20 'end the occupation of Iraq' stickers! He's such a peacemonger!
by JinxJazz October 10, 2004
I thought I created it...obviously wrong..but anyway...

1.) A term used in chatting to indicate that you understand, but used in a fashion such as heh...to be creul or bored...

2.) Krusty Krab (from SpongeBob Squarepants)
boringguy24: i am eating peanuts
me: kk whatev
boringguy24: what? i really am!
me: i said...kk
by JinxJazz October 10, 2004

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