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3 definitions by Jimrodel D'Gnollbel

Someone who sits in the bathtub, farts, then bites his/her bubbles.
I heard Billybob is a Flukel
by Jimrodel D'Gnollbel December 02, 2004
Short for "Ducks Ass".
Hairstyle for cool guys back in the 50's.
Required long hair that was combed back on both sides, then using the comb to create a narrow crack down the center/back of the head.
Hey Daddy-O .. Cool DA you got there.
by Jimrodel D'Gnollbel December 05, 2004
A guy that goes around sniffing girls bicycle seats.
I saw Joe sniffing Marys bicycle seat yesterday.
by Jimrodel D'Gnollbel April 09, 2005