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A sexy/slutty-looking woman who looks like she could be an adult film star in a pornographic movie.
"Dude, my new neighbor is totally porno-hot."
by Jimperfect June 02, 2009
A person (usually a man) working in the publishing industry who is OBVIOUSLY gay, but who talks incessantly about his wife and kids.
Girl: I think Brad is SO cute.
Guy: You know he's totally gay, don't you?
Girl: No he's not. He has a wife and 2 kids.
Guy: They're just a beard. He's totally publisexual.
by Jimperfect June 02, 2009
When a diner has gorged their self on a meal or food item that was completely unsavory and is now too full to eat something else to negate the dissatisfaction.
Though the pork chop was about as palatable as a dry wallet, it didn't stop Jim from eating until he was completely angry-full.
by Jimperfect June 02, 2009
An item of food that is SO delicious, you would include it on a list of foods to be served to you as your last meal on Death Row—if you should ever be in that unfortunate situation.
The man was so taken aback by the yumminess of his cheeseburger that he proclaimed aloud to his chum, "My God, this burger is deathrowgood!"
by Jimperfect June 02, 2009
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