2 definitions by Jimothy Bowen

Someone who's so flipping brilliant that they make everyone else around them look like a right ares.
Flipping heck Kenneth you look a proper treat today with your radioactive face and massive hair. Everyone around you looks like a right ares.

Let's go ****.
by Jimothy Bowen July 01, 2009
Instead of Normal Lionel doing it 'all night long' you go all Ultra Lionel and do it all day AND all night long. This kind of activity has been known to cause a radioactive heat to emanate from the person doing it 'Ultra Lionel' style which makes them appear even more of a treat to anyone who happens to observe such an event.
I wanna do you Ultra Lionel style

Yeah, well come up in my jungle and let's get it on

by Jimothy Bowen July 15, 2009

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