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-To Brawl

-To Fight

-Can be one on one fight or a rumble

-To Chunk it

-Originated from the slums of central valley(i.e. stockton, southside modesto.)
-Que puto u want to scwable?

-The homeboyz got in a mad scwable down in varrio.

-Trevor and Rex got in a scwable and now they brought in their attorneies into the mix. Fuckin retards!

by Jimmylocs February 14, 2006
-To take off

-To leave a specific area
1.)Lets bounce out the cut homie.

2.)This puto better bounce the hell out before we put him in check.

3.)Dang it, Skyler! You need to bounce out of my house
by Jimmylocs February 14, 2006

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