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People who feel the need to abrieviate everything in unnesesary ways, such as lol - laugh out loud. jk - just kidding. cod - call of duty
Those kids are such abreveators, they're not saving anypne's time, they just sound like douch mongers
by JimmyNuetronBoyGenius September 20, 2009
A person who is not only a total douch, but a complete tool who wears abercrombie and fitch polos tucked into their white shorts, slicks their hair back with hair gel, and wear visors like they were brought to the future from the late 90's
Man, that dudes such a douch monger, I just want to take his visor and punch him in the mouth
by JimmyNuetronBoyGenius September 20, 2009
The act of screwing a very hairy person or a gorilla.
Dude, your mom got chewbaccad at the zoo yesterday
by JimmyNuetronBoyGenius September 21, 2009
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