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A sudden flurry of activity on the Twitter social networking and microblogging service that influences current events.

A focused effort of many people using Twitter to influence current events to their favor.
When Arizona tried to pass new "Solar Industry Killing legislation" the ensuing Twitterstorm caused Governor Jan Brewer's office to kill the bill.
by JimmyJamez March 16, 2010
A person that is not easily obtained. Either too beautiful or too popular to get their attention.

Someone that knows their self worth and is not easily wooed or fooled into a date or other interaction.

A celebrity or high level executive would also be an example of a hard get.
"Ellen has so much going for her, she sure is a hard get"
by JimmyJamez March 16, 2010
Staying in a Relationship with someone who brings little to the relationship, especially in bed.

When you realize that your sex partner or FWB could be anyone, and has no special meaning to you.

You might as well be Fucking the Couch
"Are you still seeing that girl?"

"Yeah, I am still Fucking the Couch!"
by JimmyJamez November 16, 2011

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