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emo boys are very hott! they listen to bands like my chemical romance, hawthorne heights, the used and so on. they wear tight girl pants and band tees. their hair is amazing, usually jet black with some dyed bits, usually red or blue, it covers most of their face in bangs and the back is short and spiky. they are boys in touch with their more feminine side and show their emotions unlike all the boys who think they are so macho. many say they cut and cry about their ex gfs, at least they can get girlfriends, and not all emos cut. they hang around in groups and are very friendly people, most of them very happy to be who they are. do not make the mistake of calling them goths, they wont like you for that. emo guys do make out with other emo guys but it doesnt mean theyre gay or bi. emo guys are not afraid to say they love you and show it.
person 1: hey did you see those emo boys making out!
person 2: yeah they are sooo gay!
person 3: no theyre not, that one has a girlfriend!
person 1: how does he get so many?
person 3: because he cares about them.
by Jimmy xx October 24, 2006
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