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One who enjoys exploring cavernous regions and rustic encampments.
Joey is such a spelunker - kids fuckin up in tha caverns 24/7
by Jimmy Williams April 29, 2003
excessive, numerous.
That kid gets mad girlies; women flock to him.
by Jimmy Williams April 28, 2003
"Goode and Knoble Madam, how now?"
by Jimmy Williams April 28, 2003
Anal Sex. Butt Sex.
"What is the time? It is time for the Bootsequise." (Originally coined by a 17 yr old french immigrant)
by Jimmy Williams April 28, 2003
v. (To muñoz.) To speak spanish with a castillian accent.
Dude, that kid just totally muñozed.
by Jimmy Williams May 01, 2003
A term used by fat women who masturbate to their television set, meaning "French Fries," but also "I'm a piece of trash for using this phrase."
I am a fat woman so I like to eat Liberty Fries and masterbate while watching young Americans die half way around the globe.
by Jimmy Williams April 28, 2003
Verb. To become intimidated to the point of innaction. To püss.
"Dude, I can't believe that kid didn't fight you - he totally püssed out.
by Jimmy Williams April 28, 2003

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