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Jeffrey Maier : Baltimore Orioles :: Steve Bartman : Chicago Cubs
Jeffrey Maier cost the Baltimore Orioles a chance at the World Series, just like Steve Bartman cost the Chicago Cubs
by Jimmy S January 10, 2004
The phrase you say when you have no solution to solve the problem, so you believe that it will resolve itself without any work on your part.
Person One: Did you remember to do your homework for Trig?
Person Two: No, but it'll work itself out.
by Jimmy S January 10, 2004
A phrase that announcers use often when calling a FSU vs. Miami football game.
Beitia sets up to kick a 39-yard field goal... it's wide right!
by Jimmy S January 10, 2004
Usually never means more than "times two." It's almost always an exagerration.
"I did the amount of word you did time ten."
by Jimmy S January 10, 2004
The year of the Red Sox... atleast until September.
The Red Sox are favored to go all the way this year, but they won't win the World Series.
by Jimmy S January 10, 2004
Useless piece of garbage that you would probably get beat up/shot if you were seen in public using it.
The victim was attacked because he was riding a segway.
by Jimmy S January 10, 2004

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