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Female breast that resemble tupperware plastic. Breast or tits that look or feel like implants. Tits that look fake.
She said "I want you to climb in this underwear, silly"
But I was turned off by her tupperware titties
-Hoes In My Room by Ludacris
by Jimmy R February 12, 2006
The large fatty flap of skin that hangs down in front of a womens vagina. Usually found on women of obese nature. A good specimen can be found at you local dairy queen.
Hey Jeremy is that your mom's stomach? No, thats her flapgina.
by jimmy r November 23, 2005
Big Ass Orange. An oversized orange. Typically sold by sunkist fruit company.
Yeah I brought you a Juicy BAO for lunch.
by jimmy r July 24, 2006

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