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One who is new a hacking into computer information. One who uses popular, cheap, and easy programs to hack into information.
What a noob h4x0r, he uses Optix Pro to hack people. Lol!
by Jimmy Lindley May 22, 2005
A command used in several online games to "kick", or disconnect an obnoxious, noob, or just disliked user/player from a server/room.

Also used to disconnect a player when the game host/master prefers to have a smaller game, or things there are too many users/players in the server/room.
Knight11292: omg, look at this noob
LarJarsE: yeah, but he's on your team!!!11
Knight11292: cmon'... /kick! plz!
LarJarsE: haha!
*Starts game*
Knight11292: mother fucker!

*noob english player joins a latin server*
Dragon224: tu es haces? si? jaja. /kick
Billydick888: what?
Dragon224: que? jaja!
Melndlz53: jaja!
*Billydick888 has been kicked from the room*
by Jimmy Lindley April 27, 2006
Polish word for penis, but can be used freely around mixed company due to its lack of recognition.
"Hey, that jerk has his petak brace too tight!"

"Why don't you get the petak out of your mouth and speak up?"

"And that would explain why you like petak, right?"
by Jimmy Lindley April 27, 2006
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