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A country that's incredibly fun to be in because it's not quite European, but not quite Asian either.
If through some crazy events Asia and Europe went to war, they'd both bomb Turkey.
by Jimmy Kickarse August 19, 2006
1. A record company that has signed many brilliant bands such as Sgt.Peppers, the Sex Pistols and the Beatles. Unfortunately they dropped the Sex Pistols because they were too 'dangerous'. Pfft.

2. A song by the Sex Pistols (who they happened to drop).
There's an ulimited supply,
And there is no reason why,
I tell you it was all a frame,
They only did it cos the fame !
Who ?

by Jimmy Kickarse July 12, 2006
First seen in a football anthem by New Order, Eng-ger-land is what the English sometimes chant at football matches because it's easier to say (it just rolls off the toungue).
Eng-ger-land, Eng-ger-land, Eng-ger-land, NA NA!
by Jimmy Kickarse July 12, 2006
The first ever punk song, by the Kingsmen. There were rumours that this incredibly catchy song had dirty lyrics as no-one could hear a word the singer was saying, but they turned out to be totally innocent. It remains today the soul of any disco.
Louie, Louie, oh no, I say we really gotta go.
by Jimmy Kickarse July 07, 2006
1. (a) Something that is incredibly large.

2. (a) Something which is amazingly cool.
1. That tree is monster!

2. The game last night was monster!
by Jimmy Kickarse July 15, 2006
Someone who is from Britian (ie Scotland, England, Wales. NOT Northern Ireland, as Britian and the UK aren't the same.)

They actually spell honour and colour correctly, as that is how the words are spelt in their language. The Americans don't incorrectly spell color and honor, because that's how they spell it in their language (contrary to popular belief, Americans don't speak English, they speak American: a bastardization of the former). Oh, and English isn't the only language spoken in Britian, what about Welsh?

A Brit has a unique sense of humour which they often resort to at solemn times. They're basically exactly the same as everyone else on the planet, except for small differences.

A brit is just like everyone else on the planet.
by Jimmy Kickarse July 22, 2006
What mostly young emos use in their MSN names/MySpace profiles either side of their their girl/boyfriend's name to let them know that they love them, which they most usually don't. Apparently the more 3s you use the more you love them. People also sometimes write that they love their partners inside the love hearts, which doesn't really make sense. It also looks like a pair of balls and a dick or an ice-cream.



by Jimmy Kickarse July 12, 2006
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