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Altitudies or altitooties happens when at high altitudes almost everyone has increased flatulency, usually at high altitude mountain towns or ski areas.
Stay away, I have the altitooties.
Dude! You have the altitudies.
by Jimmy Jam June 17, 2004
1. when a female plays with her own clitoris.
2. stimulation of the pussy with one's hands.
1.Dandy was such a faggot, michelle had no choice but to use her own two hands and surf the pink beach.
2. Damn I'm horney, said shamiqua, I need to go the bathroom and surf my pink beach
by jimmy jam February 13, 2005
cream-filling for pastries and etc.
don't bogart the cupcak
by jimmy jam December 11, 2003
a bagel eating jew
stay away from my bagel you "thinkpol"
by jimmy jam December 11, 2003

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