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To Store/Hide an Illegal Item/Substance in ones anus

Pronounced: Fa-ri-dub , Faridub

Other Uses: Faridubing, Faridubber, Faridubed, Faridubless, Faridubable

Faridubless: Unable to Faridub
Faridubing: Performing a Faridub
Faridubed: An experienced Fariduber who has performed a Faridub before (Alternitave use or slang: Fucked)
Faridubber: Someone who Faridubs
"Faridub that shit past Customs"

"Quick!, Faridub it!"

"He lost his Weed when he tryed to Faridub it"

"Fuckin' Fariduber"

"Check Him/Her Faridubin' it"
by Jimmy Iowa March 20, 2008
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