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A dumb, white, thinks he can do martial arts, wannabe asian. Looks at anime 24/7, wants to have an asian girlfriend, has a hard on for the customs, and thinks that they can do Tai-Chi(but it is fake).
Jake Tedrick and the guy who tries to be your friend because you are asian.
by Jimmy Hoffa December 03, 2004
synonm for "cool", "rad", "spiffy", and "neato"
Man you found $20 on the street? gitchy!
by Jimmy Hoffa August 20, 2003
"too bad", "that sucks"
Your dog got hit by a car yesterday, that's gwaasans man.
by Jimmy Hoffa August 20, 2003
da realet andz illizt killaz, all who basikly run da police and der's bout 9 leaders, who tel der "employees" (fellow mofia members) to kill n e gang dat hav beef wit dem or dey gotz beef wit dogg !
(just play grand theft auto 3 and dey gotz all dat crap)
dude, im a mafia playa
by JiMmY hOfFa January 22, 2004
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