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2 definitions by Jimmy Football

Weapon in the world of Warcraft which will turn your player or other players into knight elf mowhaks.
Also a sexual position when you lay your dick on top of a girls head much like a Mohawk and cum on her face while sayin one of mr t's classic lines like " don't gimme no back talk" or "knight elf mohawk." basically anything with a mr t voice will do just fine
Yeah I just got a Mohawk grenade - I'm gunna make the world of warcraft look great!!

Guy1: yeah i just gave my girlfriend the mohawk grenade
Guy2: how'd she take it?
Guy1: idk she was still in shock when I finished
by Jimmy Football December 20, 2009
To get lit up and/or laid out by Darren Sharper, much like during the Patriots saints game, where faulk got hammered!
Guy: did you see faulk get laid out by sharper?!?!? BEAST MODE
Girl: who's sharper?
Guy: go the fuck away
by Jimmy Football December 19, 2009