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Pronunciation: Wa-Lee-Oh (noun)

A slur for a person of Italian ethnicity.
"Did you see those walios, they got good city jobs because they know that mick in city hall."
by Jimmy Dick Wang July 28, 2008
(Vick-e Loo) Noun

A derogatory term for a member of the Vice Lords gang. Sometimes used for any People Nation gang.
Gangsta gave that Vicky Lou a pumpkin head up at the Arab's liquor store, Lil Folks.
by Jimmy Dick Wang September 28, 2008
Pronunciation: It-Al-Ion A-Mare-Ikan (noun)

An American person of Italian ethnicity and who usually has a good city job that they got because they are politically connected.
"I can't be a fireman, because I am not an Irish-American or Italian-American."
by Jimmy Dick Wang July 28, 2008

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