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To most this phrase seems unfamiliar until it is explained that this is the historical precursor to the frequently used and highly popular word chatinowtuvisarscruck, most commonly heard whilst urinating in the vicinity of a public house or bar. After decades of research, linguists have finally concluded that the genesis of this phrase dates back to 1654 when early missionaries discovered the small mid-pacific island known locally by the mutant inhabitants as Paaahrrrrumpiturrruumph, their erroneous DNA strands having caused each of their digestive-vocal systems to have formed backwards. In modern times, the phrase has become synonymous with the performances of the UK's one man freak show "David Cameron", who has yet to utter a single a word that has not been born from within his arse, as this is where his head is permanently lodged.
"I have reason to believe that the message one is currently attempting to convey may not be entirely true, or at least is to a significant degree fabricated. Therefore, I find it not disproportionately crass to assert that one is chatting out of one's arsecrack!"
by Jimmy Bob-Bob February 10, 2012
This putrid and foul smelling substance is referred to by ignorant word abusers with the insufficient term "diarrhoea". However, we (the enlightened ones) understand that once diarrhoea becomes so diarrhoeal that its consistency is akin to that of well-stirred and ready-to-consume gravy then any term other than this is a shear fallacy. But beware! This term has often been misused to describe what may feel during production (and from a distance appear) to be free of that oh so commonly unnoticed grainy/sandy texture. Please note that unless upon further inspection it upholds a smooth, almost creamy quality, its just runny shit!
"Damn that last load of arsegravy is lubricating my arsecheeks so well I'm just gonna have to scoff another kilo of prunes!"
by Jimmy Bob-Bob February 10, 2012
The source of various beautiful entities such as arsegravy, arsemonsters, and in the case of people with their heads lodged up their arses, chatter. This latter example can be summed up with the increasingly popular yet still underused phrase "chatting out of one's arsecrack".
We salute you almighty arsecrack, the symbol for all things good and pure. And if anyone disagrees, they are chatting out of their arsecrack!
by Jimmy Bob-Bob February 10, 2012
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