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Inflected forms: pl.Huge Nipples p2. Men with knockers 1. A human male that possesses either of two milk-secreting, glandular organs on the chest of a woman; the human mammary gland.
Holy Shit! Max Zdrada has some huge man boobs!

After the gay strip club, we saw drag-queens (Men with huge Knockers).
A great come back is something that is said to purposely piss off, humiliate, or sadden the person you are saying it to. Some people often try to create good comebacks that absolutely suck saggy nipples. Like for instance if someone were to say "You are gay!" you would not want to just say to them "I know you are but what am I?" Because the answer to that question is that you infact are a homosexual (not literally mind you) just mentally. Another common BAD comeback is "I Am What I eat" ok so lets just create a scenario, Bob has just called Timothy a Vagina. I am what I eat would not work quite well with this because it would ultimately mean that Timothy is a Vagina, who eats... vagina. The key to a great comeback is originality. If done properally the victim that you have just "Verbally Bitch Slapped" will have nothing else left to say or do either than piss their pants or come up with a lame comeback.
(Note this is a AOL conversation, though screenames are not used to protect Identities)
Gay Max: well, i started project lama lama dingdong
Me: Is that what you kids call masturbating these days?

Or perhaps one that is intentionally meant to hurt someone, then you just through it right back in their filthy face!

Gay Max: I think you smell
Me: Good, now that we are being honest with eachother I think your the biggest faggot that has every step foot on this planet so commonly reffered to as EARTH
(Now watch closely)
Gay Max: i dont car
(He cares so much that he has indeed not followed the proper grammar techniques such as capitalize the I for himself and place an e at the end of car to make it car*e. What will he do next?)
Gay Max signed off at 5:37:01 PM.
(That pussy will sign off before you roast him again!)
Also known as Bow Chicka Wow Wow, a physchodelic soundtrack to a low-budget 70's pornographical movie. It can also be a sign that some one is going to be 1. fucked 2. stabbed or 3. have their salad tossed with syrup! It can also be used as a conversation starter after a good joke about dj clueand the jokes lull. Use caution when say Bow Chicka Wow Wow, because you never know when some horny ugly old bastard will want to hump your tuna fish sandwhich. If it is a hot chick you are saying it to please make sure that you are packing rubbers. And not that cheap shit you buy at the mall vending machines either... You gotta be packing Trojan Elites or maybe Magnums. Either way, the phrase Bow Chicka Wow Wow will leave you peeing sideways the next morning and wondering why midget porn is so expensive.
(Hot girl bends over)
Horny ManChild: Bow Chicka Wow Wow
Hot Girl: Jesus Christ Bobby!
Horny ManChild: I wanna make you moan like a rhino!
Hot Girl: Otay!.... (The rest is left for your imagination, you dirty creepy bastards!)

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