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173 definitions by Jimmy

some who suck on dick alot
jenn is such a head monster.
by jimmy April 14, 2004
Semi-derogatory word directed towards people of british origin. Used the same way yankee or yank is used to insult americans. Does not always imply a specific political view, as most americans find the british annoying anyway.
limey: LOL amerikans r t3h stoopid!!!1

yankee: fuck off you self-righteous limey
by Jimmy February 28, 2005
To be attacked or to experiance missfortune relative to the destuction of the twin towers.
Now that I have 9/11'd my car, I can only imagine how many tears the eagle sheds today.
by Jimmy September 11, 2004
Someone who eats frogs with no respect for any laws against doing so.
Melissa Rose Gudge
by Jimmy March 27, 2004
mother fucking moron
that fucking mo mo
by Jimmy November 03, 2003
Males who share their gooch's
Hey, can I see gooch tonight?
No, not tonight my girlfriend is coming round.
by Jimmy March 12, 2005
A statement that implies certain level of interest in subject noun. Indirect question of asking someone to do something with you.
Can often duplicitous or ambiguous, playing role as a "single" from opposite sex.
Alison: What's up Jimmy?
Jimmy: Not much, how are you?
Alison: I'm good, just a lil tired from school.
Jimmy: You know, we should do something sometime afterschool
Alison: Yeah, that be cool.
by Jimmy April 22, 2004