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A Peanut Turd can be anything from a rather large chunky piece of shit , wherein you can pick out the exact peanut M&M'S you ate earlier that day , to actually calling someone that's a complete idiot, a Peanut Turd. Hence the phrase "Your not the smartest Peanut in the Turd" !!!!!!
(Guy)Why did you set your mom on fire yesterday ?
( Friend ) :Because man she wouldnt stop coming into my room while I was fondling Rebecca.....
(Guy)Dude you are such an F'ing Peanut Turd !!!!
by Jimmny Crickett September 29, 2006
The exact position a mans cock is currently located. Whether it be inside a womans meat curtains , or just hanging there with the breeze in his pants. Pole positions are very important in terms of pleasure and comfort.
(Wife) Honey could you adjust your Pole Position ? Its a little too far up there !!!

(Man) Sure hon , didn't mean to pierce your abdominal region.
by Jimmny Crickett November 06, 2006
A "Penis Rod" is usually a male who is a constant irritation of sorts. This term can be applied to anyone that has a severe problem with being a consistant annoyance.

Penis Rod's vary in ( how big a dick they can be. )

The combination of Penis & Rod is relevant in that Penis being a Prick & Rod being a dickheaded name go together , therefore immediatley multiplying the amount of how annoying a Dickhead really is !!!!!!!
(While playing Halo 2) Those Elite alien bastards are being complete Penis Rod's throwing all those grenades !!!!!!!!

or: Dude your boss is an F'ing Penis Rod !!!!!!!
by Jimmny Crickett September 26, 2006
A Ham Dune is a person of Arabic or Indian descent. Often heard as Sand Nigger , or Towel head. Many are considered smelly as their particular belief system does not believe in deodorant , or a consistancy or bathing !!!!!!
Hey look , theres another Ham dune working at a gas station!!!!

There went another Ham Dune Taxi driver!!!!
by Jimmny Crickett February 09, 2007
Slang for the Male sex Organ. AKA "PeNaws", Penis, Crank, Pole, Dong, Dick, Cock, Prick, Shaft, Johnson, Purple Headed Yogurt Slinger.
I really wanted to bang the hot waitress I met last night but my "Naws" was already worn out from the night before.
by Jimmny Crickett July 25, 2011

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