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..abb. for term "all jokes aside"
..commonly used during texting and or I.M.
txt message:

tommy: aja, my dog just died
cindy: aww
by Jimmie Jamantha December 14, 2009
to get so drunk that you pass out...... and when you wake, you dont know what happened... you just know tha your bra and panties are missing... and your somewhere you never thought you would be or seen..... or in bed with someone you thought you would never sleep with or know.... and you have a server headache
Becky: o.m.g. where are my panties.... where am i??
Random Guy: their on the dresser
Becky: who are you!!
Random Guy: u dont remember me... that long night we had?!?
Becky: OMFG... my head hurts
Random Guy: ur soo white girl drunk
by Jimmie Jamantha March 05, 2010

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