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Lit. "What A Fucking Liberty"

Usually used as an expression of how the actions of someone can be seen to be quite aside from what is expected in a civilised society.

The whole phrase can be used when applicable, but when in more sensitive company (grandmothers, etc) the term "Wafl" will suffice. Also used when to say the whole phrase would take too much time.
Person 1: "Yeah I'm going to Belgium tonight but gotta pick up some sarnies for my wife and kids"

Person 2: Haven't you got work today? Why can't your wife pick them up?

Person 1: Says she's hurt her back

Person 2: Wafl man. Wafl.

Person 1: Yeah, wafl.
by Jimlad50 June 13, 2008
Lit. Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgenderist Liaison Officer (LGBTLO).

A position in many of the police forces in the UK to build bridges with the LGBT community, facilitating 3rd party reporting of hate crime (i.e you dont need to go to the police personally)among other things.

LGBT LO's also build relationships with any LGBT venues in their area
Officer: Yeah I better call that club that had a homophobic incident last week.

Officer 2: Oh yeah, you're an LGBTLO I remember now.
by Jimlad50 June 13, 2008

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