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5 definitions by JimiTheSaint

Geoffrey's Revenge is a flaming bag of bungle fingers (or indeed a bungle fist) found upon ones doorstep, that can only be dowsed with the merry stampings of the unitiated. Although not exclusive to this, It is most likely found upon the doorstep of Thames telivison staff circa 1992.
'Maude! Maude! Call a Bobby! There's a massive Geoffrey's Revenge on the door step and I fear my slippers can't take it!" - 1992 Thames Television executive, circa 2005
by JimiTheSaint May 23, 2010
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"Over Dresden" Is a term used to describe the feeling of the desperate and sudden need to evacuate your bowels, leaving you with a funny walk all the way to the nearest lavatory or until said evacuation takes places, leaving you with an even funnier if not some what smellier walking style.
"Urgh... Really shouldn't of eaten all that cheese. I'm not going to be over Dresden for days..." - Barry Chuckle at the TV Choice awards 2009.
by JimiTheSaint September 16, 2010
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A particularly bad smell, usually associated with flatulence.
"Jesus H Corbett Christine! Give it a rest! It stinks like the Devil's coffee pot in here!" - Adrian Chiles, formerly of 'The One Show'
by JimiTheSaint September 16, 2010
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An attractive lady of Arabic persuasion, as in, a desert fox.
"I can't think of any famous Rommels right now... Does Princess Jasmine count?" - Famous lanky gobshite Gok Wan.
by JimiTheSaint September 16, 2010
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An exclaimation after a thunderous bowel movement, usually a Geoffrey's Revenge (see Geoffrey's revenge). Taken from a 1980s McDonalds advert in the UK.
"McNUGGETS AWAY!!!! I'm afraid this on smells a bit like chicken!"

- Diane Abbot, Labour MP
by JimiTheSaint September 16, 2010
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