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A bird not unlike others in appearance but instead it flies really fast and yells "ROOSTOR". Sometimes the bird will come out of nowhere and scream "ROOSTOR" at inappropriate times.
Oh my god I just saw a roostor swoop down and scream in my face.
by Jimcocknballs July 29, 2007
The act of going in a Value City and seeing the bathroom crossed off with police homicide banners with the description "WARNING PLEASE DO NOT CROSS" across them in bold text. Upon entering the said bathroom there is a big smeary shitty mess everywhere including places where shit out of a humans ass is normally not capable of going. In some cases you can try to shit on top of the shit already in the toilet and adding your contribution to the pile while a innocent dad and son enter behind you and witness the smear for themselves as they look in horror.
Whoa did you see the bathroom at Value City? It had a smeary all over it.
by Jimcocknballs July 29, 2007
A really good looking woman that you see in awkward places surrounded by friends or family and just say "doom" as they walk by.
Look at that chick she's A Doomer.
by Jimcocknballs July 29, 2007
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