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An extra long piss after drinking large quantities of malt liquor.
"Damn man, you just pissed for like a minute."

"Yeah, it was an 8 ball piss. I drank 2 forties of OE."
by Jimboslice1976 October 27, 2013
A vagina during menstruation.
"Dude, do you ever have sex with your girl when she's on the rag?"

"No way, I don't like bloody gash."
by Jimboslice1976 October 23, 2013
Severe hemorroidal swelling around the perimeter of anus. The multitude of bumps resembles the texture of popped popcorn.
"What do you see back there Dr., is it bad?"

"Good lord Mr. Smith, you have so many hemorroids back here I feel like I just stuck my hand into a bag of butt popcorn."
by Jimboslice1976 October 19, 2013
A myth in North America in the year 2013 that there are still products on the market that are not made in China.
"I heard that there was a screwdriver for sale at a hardware store in southern Oklahoma."

"Impossible. I looked there. There are no products left on shelves in North America that are not made in China."
by Jimboslice1976 October 23, 2013
An alcoholic who also loves to smoke chronic.
John is a chronic alcoholic, he loves to smoke chronic when he's drinking.
by Jimboslice1976 October 23, 2013
Home made in Northern Michigan, this is premium deer bait designed specifically to lure the largest and darkest male deer into a deer blind imitating the aroma of a fresh, hot, dripping deer pussy.
"We are going to get the big one today Billy Bob."

"How do you know that Jim Bob?"

"Because I poured some of that big black buck trigger deer dick buck sauce all over the bait pile."
by Jimboslice1976 October 19, 2013
When someone doubles up on you while playing no limit poker.
To Fred, after he just doubled up on Pete -

"Damn Fred, you doubleupagus."
by Jimboslice1976 October 23, 2013
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