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It's basically the same thing as a Dirty Sanchez, except for the fact that you also smear a monocle and (in some cases) a goatee along with the classic mustache.
Zack and Miri decided to try new things in bed last night than the usual doggie. Instead, they did a 71 and tried the fabled Fancy Martinez.

Miri smelled like crap the next day.
by JimboWales August 20, 2010
The sophisticated cousin of Mike Hunt.
Richie: Ha ha. I get it. Mike Hunt is "my cunt".
Gary: Now say "Michael Hitt" fast.
Richie: ........damn.
by JimboWales August 20, 2010
One's butthole, wherein which an individual can get away with smuggling small objects into restrictive places like prison or a concert venue without getting caught.
Josh: Bro, do you have the ganja?

Tim: Yeah, the security was super strict though...they patted me down top-to-bottom. Lucky for us I figured I'd put it in my jail pocket just to be safe.

Josh: Ewwwww dafuq nigga no wonder this weed smells like ass. *proceeds to vomit*

Tim: Fuggit bruh, yolo....blaze it! *proceeds to smoke a bowl of ass weed*
by JimboWales May 13, 2015
When a boy/man gets shot in the genital area. It won't kill you, but it'll kill your manhood and your dignity. Simultaneously.
Butters: *dickshot* to some dude.

Cartman: God dammit Butters, don't shoot a person in the dick! Not cool, man. Not cool.
by JimboWales August 19, 2010
When you're up WAY LATE at night and you suddenly find everything and anything hilarious, as if you were drunk.
So today I woke up sore-throated after laughing so much when staying up until like 4am being all time wasted. I swear that I was so time wasted that even Larry King was hilarious.
by JimboWales August 19, 2010
A retarded electric squirrel Pokémon. Like Marill, Plusle, Minun, and that chinchilla piece of shit pokémon coming out next generation, Pachirisu is the stereotypical cute rodent of its generation (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum). It doesn't evolve or anything and there's no kickass stats or anything, it jumps buttrapes itself to fainting. If you actually use it on your team of Pokémon, just bend over already and take your rapage already.

I win. :D
by JimboWales August 18, 2010

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