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Dressed up, polished and ready for a night on the town. As birds fluff their feathers trying to appeal to the other birds in the area, so too do humans get themselves fluffed up. See Also Spiffy and Spruced Up
Well! Aren't you all fluffed up, what's the special occasion?
by JimboQuality March 19, 2010
Clean, neat, tidy, ready for presentation. One seeking a positive reaction from others would want to look spiffy, and to get there would go through the process of getting spiffed up.
My my, don't you look spiffy! What's the occasion?
by JimboQuality March 19, 2010
Cleaned up. Can refer to a home, or a person. To get yourself or your living space cleaned up and ready for guests or a night on the town. See also Fluffed Up and Spiffy
I have guests coming over so I have to get the place spruced up.
by JimboQuality March 19, 2010

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