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An internet video that shows a Japanese girl inserting a funnel in another girls ass. The first girl then puts several dozen 1 inch baby eels in the funnel and makes sure they all go into the others ass. The funnel is then taken out and the 2nd girl starts farting the eels out of her ass. The first girl then eats and sucks on some eels.
Dude you gotta watch "Eel Soup". This chick farts out eels!
by Jimbo420 June 30, 2008
Sticking your thumb in a girls butt while doing her doggystyle, then smashing your hand with your other hand.
I was playin with that girls butt hole then gave the railroad spike to see if she liked it. She didn't.
by Jimbo420 June 17, 2008
When you spread a chicks butt apart and hock a loogie in her asshole.
I got down with that chick and gave her the old watermelon seed when she bent over.
by Jimbo420 June 16, 2008
Extremely sexy and handsome male. Usually has a huge dick and a very muscular body. The Hjalmar is often seen in company of multiple women, and is a frequent smoker of weed and other drugs. Studies have also shown that the Hjalmar is addicted to playing bass heavy music at obnoxiously high volumes, much to the irritation of the people around him. A Hjalmar is also very wealthy, and often owns a lot of expensive items such as branded clothing and high-end electronic devices.
I fucked Hjalmar last night, his dick was huge!

If i could be anyone on earth, i would be Hjalmar.

Oh look, it´s Hjalmar, he´s sooo hot!
by jimbo420 September 09, 2014

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