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aka, Strong Island, Schlong Island, Bong Highland, New York City's retarded little brother. Long Island's "Diversity" consists of Guidos, Guidettes, Jappy bitches, and Wiggas. The small percentage of minorities reside in impoverished neighborhoods such as Hempstead or Freeport, which rich white people tend avoid like the plague. It should be noted white folks will shit a brick (or move) if someone ethnic looking moves into their neighborhood. Typical L.I. hobbies include doing plenty of drugs, standing idly on street corners, driving around in a nice car doing drugs, and going to the city because long island is devoid of any form of entertainment. Those who do not live off their parents strive to get off Long Island. It may a nice for city dwellers to visit but a lousy place to live.
Being Born and Raised on Long Island I gotta say it sucks.
by Jimbo Jonsey April 15, 2008

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