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some one who is the king of pillows in the bedroom aka PK aka James lorraine

(see pillow fucker)
"james is the king of all pillows"
by jimbo May 26, 2004
schools call them travellers of irish heritage. basically ur a no good theif that travels around england in a caravan rippin off old people and stealin stuff with ur fucked up irish accent. i recomend u watch he film snatch
turns out the sweet talkin tatto sporting pikey was a gypsie bare knuckle boxing champion....which makes him harder than a coffin nail.
by jimbo March 26, 2004
People of very low intelligence.
Linked with poverty.
The people from the estates are all poli
by jimbo January 19, 2004
the result of a large chili feast
after the chili dinner, we had a huge fart-o-rama
by jimbo June 10, 2003
Root words: Crazy and Drunk.
verb - To have fun and get wild, usually in a club or place where there is dancing and alchohol is served.

see also crunk.
verb. Wow did you see that girl on top of the bar shaking her booty? She is so crunked up.
by Jimbo March 04, 2005
The brightest of Blue Eyes.
"Zack's eyes are so blue they look like Homo-Blue Eyes."
by Jimbo September 02, 2003
(n) the female genetalia, with a deragatory connontation
Angelica: Gosh, grill is so boring lol.
Jimbo: You have a dirty poochangchang.
by Jimbo April 02, 2005

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