127 definitions by Jimbo

The term used to say "down below"

1. Discovered from a joke.
2. Rob likes saying to britnay alot.
3.Funniest word ever
You know what i want, touch my no-no spot.

by Jimbo May 25, 2004
A racist fuck.. someone who is racist..
Look at that bigitt, cody...
by Jimbo May 21, 2004
A supporter of the blue and white half side of sheffield.
ayup son, is thi a wednesdayite?
by Jimbo March 17, 2004
Medic. More common form of the meat sweats experienced by McDonalds eaters globally. Profuse persperation experienced from excessive McDonalds "meat" eating.
Grandma always told me three to six square McDonalds meals a day, which i stuck to for three years. I began to sweat all the time especially after eating my fifth double quarter punder with cheese of the day and the Doctor diagnosed me with the McSweats.
by Jimbo January 27, 2005
1. extreme or excessive hunger
2. the continuous production of loud grumbling noises eminating from the stomach region, as a result of hunger
Tommy and I had the grumblies so we went to the Caribbean Grill for lunch.
by Jimbo April 10, 2003
a big heavy box full of queer
D: OMG that guy is soo hot.
J: OMG you are such a queerbox.
by Jimbo March 14, 2005
Illegally elected President of the US, redneck puppet of an incompetent and corrupt administration. Can't speak English let alone govern the worlds largest military power, prone to making mistakes such as invading sovereign nations illegally.

See also twat
"They misunderestimated me"
by Jimbo September 10, 2004

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