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127 definitions by Jimbo

A stylish hair cut that has been popular for decades. Short on top, long in the back. Looks good on anyone. It will always be in style. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a bad mullet.
Look at my long, flowing, mullet.
by Jimbo May 22, 2003
89 64
Miss Hurly is a smilf
by jimbo February 06, 2003
54 35
I believe that peloton means the main pack of riders. In a race you would have the superhuman leaders out in front, then the rest would be grouped together in the peloton.

The definition at says that it is a small military group, or platoon.

It comes from the french word for "small pellet".

Someone please correct or elaborate if necessary.
Lance Armstrong was far ahead of his team, most of whom were in the peloton.
by Jimbo July 20, 2004
25 7
A person who is interested in smelling farts in a close range from the anus.Some like to breathe large amounts of fart gas until they pass out.
Neethan is a Fart Huffer
by Jimbo May 22, 2003
27 9
Lick My Big Ass Balls!! -- No other definition required
I told that bitch to LMBAB!
by Jimbo March 16, 2005
33 16
Perserverance in the face of gastro-intestingal rejection.
"She's coming over here to talk to you. Your drunk ass better puke and rally pronto!"
by jimbo December 31, 2003
51 35
Cellulite or pock marks on a womans behind
She looks great but has a lot of hail damage.
by JIMBO October 08, 2003
41 25