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Brak: A Cartoon Character spawned from the Spaceghost show in the late 70's turned into a Sitcom/Talk show in the mid 90's, giving him the oppertunity to have his own show " The Brak Show " Feat. such artists as Zorak and that giant robot thing that lives down the street.
The brak show was on last night!


yea! all new episodes! the third season is great!
by Jimbo October 22, 2003
Adjective: Somebody who thinks they are all that
That big headed boy thinks he can cross me.
by Jimbo April 23, 2003
A flugelhorn player who achieved international success with his jazz single, Feels So Good, in 1977.
CHUCK MANGIONE: When I signed a contract to be the Mega Lo Mart spokesman, I didn't read it carefully. I have to be at every store opening, and they open 400 stores a year. I haven't had time to record, or tour, or give my old lady any slow sweet lovin' in years. So I disappeared to the last place they'd ever look for me. I've been living here rent-free, eating their Cheerios, playing their video games and trying on their underpants. Anything to stick it to the Man.
by Jimbo February 13, 2005
Elusive Marine Rodent, inhabits the shores of Devon and Cornwall. Hunted by many, caught by few.
I do believe i just saw a Sea Badger Jenkins.
by jimbo January 26, 2005
A stylish hair cut that has been popular for decades. Short on top, long in the back. Looks good on anyone. It will always be in style. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a bad mullet.
Look at my long, flowing, mullet.
by Jimbo May 22, 2003
Someone who provides a reasonable standard of care for adults and children at an aquatic facility, who helps enforce pool rules and rescue swimmers in distress.
The lifeguard told that kid to stop splashing his friend.
by jimbo July 30, 2003
Council Houses And Violence:

Term used to describe people who think hanging round childrens play areas, stations, pubs (because they can't get in) and supermarkets is cool.

7 defining characteristics of a chav:

1) Wear caps which half hang off their head, usually burberry or nike tn

2) Illiterate

3) Socks are tucked into trouser (very cool!!)

4) Put on fake east london accents, to try and sound ghetto

5) Have fake gold ring, ear rings and chains

6) Listen to shit music

7) Start fights with just about anyone
also known as rudie, townie or dick head
by jimbo February 16, 2005

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