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A town where there are no big shopping malls or advertisements everywhere. Beware there is no color, almost every single person is white!
Have you been to Maple Ridge lately? Try spotting color sometime, it is nearly impossible.
by Jimbo August 10, 2003
badass , outrageous ,
wow , thats so ocz
by jimbo July 30, 2003
Definitively Not Theo Goldrach
A: What's a Theodore G.
B: Definitely not Theo Goldrach even though he likes to think so.
by Jimbo March 15, 2005
response that a white boy can make when called a cracker that indicates to others he has a big penis.
I'm no cracker, I'm a triscuit - twice the size of a normal cracker
by Jimbo May 05, 2004
(Aus) A pain in the ass
He's no good, a fucking nob ache
by Jimbo February 23, 2004
An extremely smelly eye-curling shit
Oh darling did you have to do such a yeast powder biscuit before our friewnds come round?
by Jimbo October 28, 2004
1.a crazy man who can be retarted, demented or just plain stupid!
2.a fruitcake
1.man he iz a nutcase
2.holy fudgepackering of a cow, he iz a nutcase!
by jimbo March 12, 2004
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