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Definition: Anything that has to do with or mentions Huzzhaha.

Background: It came to me when me and J-Sto created the song, Huzzhaha and Bianca DiMillo Wants to Cry on Her Pillow. It can also be refered to as a Chronicle.
J-Sto is a Chronicle of Huzzhaha. Or you can say: J-Sto is a Chronicle.
by Jimbo February 20, 2005
longcocking to give the full lenght of ones cock, after an interval of only giving the first half. "william mccuscer"
bill would bang his new girlfriends with half his dick, until they started getting bored, then he would start longcocking them.
by jimbo October 20, 2004
A word used to offend a slimboy who's not fat at all.
"Oi gayboy"
"Shutup!.......Phatboy, lose some weight"
by Jimbo June 27, 2004
to drop ones pants and hang a turd
trey tried to stop him but rob relentlessly continued to unleash the fury.
by jimbo March 12, 2004
badass , outrageous ,
wow , thats so ocz
by jimbo July 30, 2003
Definitively Not Theo Goldrach
A: What's a Theodore G.
B: Definitely not Theo Goldrach even though he likes to think so.
by Jimbo March 15, 2005
response that a white boy can make when called a cracker that indicates to others he has a big penis.
I'm no cracker, I'm a triscuit - twice the size of a normal cracker
by Jimbo May 05, 2004

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