127 definitions by Jimbo

To masturbate or the act of masturbation
derived from some sad fuckwit texting in to babestation on game network.
'Eddie kept on trying to give me a chunkyhandy when i was asleep'
by jimbo January 10, 2004
fruit, spelled better than raspberry
razbarry is spelled wrong
by jimbo October 27, 2003
best AIM screen name ever
KURTGT is the shizzle.
by jimbo October 23, 2003
the act of tickling ones anus with either your finger...or dick....also used as an insult.
your such a fucking anus tickler
by jimbo May 22, 2003
Definiton: The latest way of expressing laughter. A song by the WanderingFinches.

Background: Original created by J-Sto, it's a word that is now used in a daily basis.
Bianca DiMillo is grounded huzzhaha!
by Jimbo February 20, 2005
A word used to offend a slimboy who's not fat at all.
"Oi gayboy"
"Shutup!.......Phatboy, lose some weight"
by Jimbo June 27, 2004
a word to describe a lads surfing style. it can be used when the surfing lad bends his knees and looks like he is pumpin a steamy nug. also when a particularly tall dude goes to pash a relatively short chick and again has to bend his knees to make him look hes punching a grommet
"he surfs poo-man"

see junior he was goin poo-man with that skankhoe
by jimbo February 16, 2004

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