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127 definitions by Jimbo

The medical name for Crystal Meth / Ice / Glass / Jib / Crank.
After The Urinalisis we concluded that the person was under the influence of many drugs one being Bezedrine.
by Jimbo October 22, 2003
Hailsham pikey scum who have dead dogs and rusty broken caravans from the ripleys scrapyard
i got raped by that damn pikey with a dead dog
by jimbo September 12, 2003
1) An individual bearing a physical/practical/philosophical resemblance to a failed menstrual defence instrument.
2) A disreputable publiation eg) Kerrang/Cuntrag/Fannyrag.
Och aye, tha Agnes i'a fannyrag
by Jimbo November 19, 2004
A take off of "hollywood", a non-derogatory term that refers to the movie-making machine that is India.

Any movie coming out of India may be described as coming from Baliwood, but Indian films seem to have a couple things in common - elaborate sets and costumes, and musical number.
Watch the Simpson's episode where Apu shows the Simpsons a film from India, and you'll get an idea of Baliwood.
by Jimbo September 07, 2004
When one is so respected, one seems to be an insider when one is not.
I wish someone would adopt that apple-cider, i-luv-sara.
by Jimbo December 21, 2003
What you get after you bend your girl over and eat her out from behind.
Man i bent her over and ate her when i pulled back i had her poop all over my snout.
by Jimbo September 12, 2003
Small cartridge filled with nitrous oxide used for huffing.
Yo.. give me a hit of that whippet.
by Jimbo January 12, 2003