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to be used when something needs to be put into brackets. usually in the most boring of maths lessons and occasionally occurs elsewhere. for use in the past tense, 'bracketsised'
- so how do you figure this maths question out?
- you just bracketise it.
by JimberleyCotton May 01, 2009
to look up something on google.

past tense - 'google-ised'
- 'whats the main ingredient in lipstick?'
- i don't know. you'll have to google-ise it'
- ewww, turns out its fish scales...

- 'did you know that one out of twenty people have a spare rib?'

- 'how the hell do know that?!'

- 'i google-ised it'
by JimberleyCotton May 01, 2009

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