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By definition a "chat kill" is when you stop the chat. Technicalities include:

1 - You have to be the one who posted last.
2 - It must be at least 10 minutes before you "claim the chat kill"
3 - No one can say anything during those 10 minutes for the chat kill to count.
(2007-12-01 05:03:20) James: Howdy everyone!
(2007-12-01 05:03:32) Sarah: Hi James.
(2007-12-01 05:04:12) James just heard about the plane crash in Turkey. How tragic.
(2007-12-01 05:15:25) James claims chat kill.
(2007-12-01 05:16:43) Jim: Why did you kill it?! :angry:
by JimJamesII June 30, 2008

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