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Any fruit that is normally eaten by holding it whole in one's hand (e.g. apples, bananas, etc.)

Fruits that are only palm-able by giants or people with hand deformities (and palm-able things that are not fruits) don't count.
A: Is a casaba a hand fruit?
B: Only if you're Andre the Giant.

A: Excuse me, could you direct me to the Hand Fruit section?
B: The what?
by Jim-Bob McDuggan November 08, 2009
Cessation of menstruation; menopause. (First popularized on the 1970s sitcom 'All in the Family'.)
A. My wife is having hot flashes. I think she's going through "the change".
B. Shit dude, after your wife goes through "the change", you can jizz in her all you want.
by Jim-Bob McDuggan July 12, 2009
Inability to achieve or maintain an erection due to excessive alcohol consumption; whiskey dick. (in reference to Foster's Lager.)
The bunch of us got fucking ripped at a bar last night, and after we went home, I tried to throw it into Nancy, but I couldn't. Foster's floppy.
by Jim-Bob McDuggan August 08, 2009
To masturbate; esp. of a female, and usually in a bathtub. (Originally in reference to the amount of time required to prepare for female masturbation, such as drawing a bath, lighting candles and incense, etc.)
A: "I'm going to 'make an evening of it tonight'."
B: "Don't forget to wash the yellow ring off from around the tub afterwards."
by Jim-Bob McDuggan December 09, 2009

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