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2 definitions by Jim Wilson

The L98 A1 cadet gp rifle is not a scaled down version of the army's SA80 it is an SA80. Its has exactly the same dimentions. SA80 was a weapons programme, small arms for the 80's.

The L98A1 is simply a L85, or SA80 as it is commonly known, with the gas parts and change leaver removed and a cocking arm fitted.

It fires the standard nato 5.56mm round and holds 30, the same as the army, in a curved magazine.
L98A1 Cadet GP rifle. simple.
by Jim Wilson September 21, 2005
Somone who cares more about computers and gear than anything else like women, food or gas
That guy is a real wirehead he has that new cell phone but no hot chicks to call on it.
by Jim Wilson August 07, 2003